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Welcome to a refreshing approach to gynecological care for women of all ages from adolescence through menopause. Below are a few common medical terms and most common procedures.

Biopsies - Tissue is usually taken from the endometrium, cervix or breast to diagnose pre-cancer or cancer.

Colposcopy - Common gyncologic follow-up for abnormal Pap smears.

Cryosurgery of the Cervix - Section of the cervix frozen, destroying abnormal cervical cells that may lead to cancer.HispanicWoman

Hysterectomy - Surgical removal of the uterus which can be performed via the abdomen, the vagina or laparoscopically.
Abdominal: Removed through an incision in the lower abdomen.
Laparoscopic: Detached by laparoscopic instruments and removed through small incision at the top of the vagina.
Vaginally: Removed through vagina.

L.E.E.P. - The removal of abnormal cervical tissue when a Pap smear indicates the presence of abnormal cells.

Minor GYN Lesion Removal - Laser removal of lesions from vagina, cervix, and vulva.

Myomectomy - Refers to the surgical removal of uterine fibroid while preserving the uterus.

Tubal Ligation - Fallopian tubes are severed and sealed in order to prevent fertilization.

What The Results of Your Pap Smear Mean

  • Within Normal Limits/Negative - Cells look normal. No cancer cells are seen.
  • Infection - Germs have grown inside or outside of the body and can spread from one person to another. No cancer cells are seen.
  • Atypia - Cells don't look exactly normal, but cancer cells are not seen.
  • Dysplasia - Pre-cancer cells are present. These cells are not cancer but can change into cancer.
  • Mild Dysplasia - The earliest pre-cancer changes.
  • Moderate Dysplasia - Later pre-cancer changes.
  • Severe Dysplasia - The latest pre-cancer changes.
  • Carcinoma In-Situ - Cancer cells are present but the cancer has NOT spread from the layer of cells in which it began. This is the earliest type of cervical cancer that can be found.
  • Suspicious For Invasive Carinoma - Cancer cells are present and it is thought that cancer may have spread beyond the layer of cells in which it began.
  • Invasive Carinoma - Cancer cells are present and have grown and spread beyond the layer of cells in which the cancer began.



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